Producing the best

Etco can service all your apprentice on-job and off-job needs regardless of whether you want to host an Etco employed apprentice or employ your own.

Either way, you and your apprentice can have access to the recognised best apprenticeship training in New Zealand.

Etco’s tutors and learning resources development team are passionate experienced industry experts and are all registered electricians with real world experience.

Our Apprentice Mentors, field staff, are all highly trained people who are passionate about supporting apprentice progress and supporting employers and hosts.

You can benefit from their experience and expertise regardless of whether you choose to host Etco apprentices or send your own apprentices to us for training.

“To build a good business you need solid young people coming through and Etco has a great way of doing that.”

Lemar Morgan, General Manager at Professional Electrics (Prolec)

Hosting an Etco Apprentice

Hosting an Etco Apprentice

Reduce cost, stress and risk.

Make the right decision for your business. Let Etco manage your apprentice needs and we will provide you with quality recruits already screened for academic ability, aptitude and a can-do attitude.

Etco Host companies pay only an hourly rate for the time the apprentice works on site.

Because we take care of annual leave, sick leave, stat holidays and block courses, you can save as much as 20% in employment costs.


Training your apprentice

Prior to beginning an apprenticeship, a training agreement must be set up between the apprentice, their employer, and a TEC approved training provider, like Etco.

Every apprentice must be enrolled in off-job learning, receive the required work experience, and be adequately supervised and supported.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have the expertise and systems to get the best outcomes. Etco-trained apprentices are known to complete their apprenticeship in the fastest time possible, enabling them to be qualified and registered faster.

If you have a business that employs electrical apprentices, or if you’re an already-employed apprentice, click below to set up your training agreement.


Etco Training an Apprentice


Looking for an apprenticeship?

If you have not secured employment, you can apply with Etco. Etco employment guarantees you full-time work throughout your apprenticeship and exposure to the work required to become an electrician.

We’ll supply you with a starter toolkit, PPE, and work-ready training. All training fees are covered for Etco-employed apprentices during your apprenticeship.





Want to host an Etco-employed Apprentice?

Companies who host an Etco-employed apprentice pay only for the time an apprentice works on site.

Etco takes care of the training agreement, the off and on-job training and support and makes sure the apprentice receives the necessary work experience.





Etco Services E-Diary


Etco is committed to providing our apprentices with all the learning tools they need to become best-in-class technicians.

Our eDiary enables the learner to log hours of work and exposures to different activities towards the required unit standards and apprenticeship progress.

This means you know exactly what experience the learner has and the work they can do at any time. It also shows areas where different types of work exposure are required.

The system opens a new weekly eDiary every Friday morning and the learner is notified via a text message. In about 15 minutes an apprentice can enter their activity exposures for the week.

eDiary also allows for analysis, reporting, periodic verification and quality assurance of our training.



Etco has a very strong focus on wellbeing, its at the heart of everything we do.

Our Apprentice Mentors maintain close contact with businesses and apprentices in order to respond quickly to any workplace, study or personal issues and to provide support to help the individual resolve that.

We provide 24/7 personal support through our Switched On pastoral care programme, who are confidential and independent and can discuss

  • Work or relationships issues
  • Help with anxiety and stress
  • Financial worries
  • Transport
  • Accommodation hassles
  • And more
Etco Services Learning Management System



Today’s apprentices want the power of the internet at their fingertips and to use their smart devices for almost everything. Etco developed our innovative Learning Management System (LMS) to do just that.

The only electrical training specific system of its kind in New Zealand, our LMS brings all our night class and block class material online, although hard copy workbooks can still be provided if required.

Built on the cloud-based Moodle platform, this state-of-the-art learning system provides a comprehensive look at the sciences and maths behind electrical engineering. Being able to complete the assessments online means learners can get instant feedback on their answers and resit a couple of times before the system refers them to their tutor for guidance.

The system also makes for smarter reporting and data handling. Most assessments are self-evaluated and reported directly to our administration team for quick and easy entry into the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. Reports are also readily available for students, employers, and other industry stakeholders so progress can be monitored, and feedback be given to students in real time.




Etco Services Recognised Leaders of Excellence



We employ hundreds of electricians around the country who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. The Etco relationship means there is always a team member there to support and guide apprentices, alongside an extensive support team, who are all committed to ensuring apprentice success.

Apprentice Mentors lead people through their apprenticeship journey at Etco, all the way to graduation. They maintain strong partnerships with businesses so apprentices can gain the necessary practical experience and training required.

Mentors are experts at having the tough, yet caring conversations needed to keep people on track. Their job is to keep their finger on the pulse with regular appraisals at least four times a year, and monitoring progress for both on and off job experience.

Etco Apprentice Tutors are some of the best in the business, many with years of experience and a passion to pass on their knowledge. They deliver block courses and night classes, monitor assessments, and have close relationships with Apprentice Mentors so that everyone is working to achieve each individuals’ goals.

Outside of the training centres, the Etco team has an award-winning reputation for outstanding leadership and excellence. Etco leaders and staff are regularly recognised at ITENZ and Westpac Business Awards.

Etco’s mission is to develop the best in the electrical industry. We do this by remaining energised, caring and grounded.




Etco Industry Courses Continuing Professional Development Industry Courses

Continuing Professional Development Industry Courses

We offer a comprehensive selection of industry courses designed to keep you up to date with the latest trends, regulations and best practices.

  • Competency/ Refresher course
  • Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (EASQ)
  • Electrical Service Technician (EST)
  • Practical Assessments
  • Theory and Regulations Courses
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Inspectors
  • Associated Tradesperson
  • Testing
  • Supervisors Course

Courses are available nationwide. For group bookings of 10 or more or if you can’t find a course you require;




An apprentice can make a positive impact on your business, freeing you up to focus on the business and bringing new ideas and energy.

Here are some things to consider before taking on an apprentice.

  • Who in your business will do the training?
  • How will you cover time off for off-job training?
  • Can you provide the variety of work experience required? Would you be able to loan out or swap with another business?
  • Do you have a training plan in place?

The Government’s Apprenticeship Boost Fund offers $500 per month for any first or second-year apprentice. This scheme was designed to help apprentices to keep earning as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Payments are made directly to employers and is available until the end of December 2023.  We will pass the payment directly to your business should you host an Etco apprentice.  T&C’s Apply.