Request a Training Agreement

We will facilitate the process for you and your apprentice to complete the training agreement documentation.

Once the training agreement and all related documentation has been completed, we will arrange enrolment in off-job training including night classes and block courses and provide on-job support through regular workplace visits.

The process

  1. Complete and submit the information requested on this page.
  1. We will send you a list of things for you and the apprentice to bring to the agreement set up meeting
  1. We will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you and the apprentice to write up the agreement
  1. We will submit the agreement for registration with TEC
  1. We will advise you when TEC acceptance is complete
  1. We will activate the apprentice in our learning systems and confirm night class allocations and block courses and access to the on-line TLC modules.

The apprentice will need to provide the following for the training agreement set up meeting:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • The apprentice’s NZQA national student number (NSN)
  • Evidence of NCEA Level 2 English, Math, Science achievement*

After registering the training agreement, the apprentice will need to apply to EWRB for a Trainee Limited Certificate (TLC) within 90 days.

The apprentice can complete the required modules at no charge on etco’s learning management system, and we will provide a voucher for the first aid training at no cost.


Note*: If the applicant does not have all the level 2 NCEA subjects, etco may be able to assist in having the gap bridged. Ask us about this.

"*" indicates required fields