Etco will employ you for the three years and nine-month duration of your apprenticeship.

During your employment with us, you will learn the practical aspects of the trade through placements with a range of host companies.

Because we want to give you this wider experience, the Etco apprenticeship is three months longer than apprenticeships with other employers. Your range of experience [work exposures] at Etco will open more choices for you when you graduate. Etco graduates are highly sought after by the sector.

Because Etco exists for the single purpose of getting you through your apprenticeship, around 90% of our employed apprentices will complete their apprenticeship on the due date compared to around 60% apprenticeship on-time completions nationally.

Our observation at Etco is that if our graduates don’t immediately transition to high paid employment on the day of their completion, it’s probably because they don’t want to; or because they are off to explore the world on their OE using their skills and qualification to pay their way.

In 31 years of economic ups and downs, Etco has never made an apprentice redundant. All our apprentices received full pay for 100% of the time during the Covid-19 disruption.

– Take a look at our Trainee Handbook.