Apprenticeship FAQ's

I’ve heard about the Master Electricians Challenge and World Skills competitions. Can I do that?
Your Etco Coordinator nominates the very best apprentices for these exciting events, where you can compete against the best in this field.
Do I need a “pretrade” qualification before I start an Etco apprenticeship?
Etco prefers to train its apprentices right from page one. We would prefer to train you from beginning to end, to ensure we give you the best possible training.

We need you to exceed our minimum requirements of 8 credits in each of L2 English, Maths and an industry-related Science and we will proceed with your application from there.
Can Etco offer me an adult apprenticeship?
Absolutely! Please click on the 'Apply Now' button on any of our Apprenticeship pages and fill in the online enrolment form today.
Will I need to work weekends?
This depends on the workloads or the projects of the host company you are placed with. Overtime rates will be discussed with you at the time of the placement.
When does my pay increase?
On the anniversary of your starting date, providing you are progressing satisfactorily through the apprenticeship.
What happens if my Host Company runs out of work for me?
Your dedicated local manager (Etco Coordinator) will manage your apprenticeship from start to completion, including finding suitable employment for you locally and regionally.
I already have some tools. Do I need the Etco toolkit?
Yes. This ensures conformity and the quality of the tools you will be using.
Is this qualification useful to me overseas?
Yes, the New Zealand registered qualification is recognised most places around the world.
What happens when my safety gear gets worn out?
Etco will replace these on a fair wear and tear basis.
I already have a first aid certificate. Do I need to redo this?
Yes. We train everyone to the same standard as part of the Induction training.

Hosting FAQ's

Who do I contact at Etco if I wish to discuss the apprentice’s progress?
The Apprentice Coordinator will be happy to work with you on this. Coordinators carry out quarterly reviews on all apprentices.
Who pays when the apprentice is on annual leave, sick leave or a block course?
Etco pays the apprentice for these days. The host company does not get charged for this.
What happens when I don’t need the apprentice anymore?
With 7 days notice, the apprentice can be returned to Etco and reassigned to a new host.

Training Courses FAQ's

How do I arrange to do my New Zealand Certificate of Electrical Engineering (Level 4) training with Etco?
You will need to have an employer that is suitable to sign off your on-job units. Your on-job units are the practical skills that you learn in your day-to-day work as an electrical apprentice.

You will then need to contact a funding body such as the the Skills Organisation or the Electrical Supply Industry Training Organisation (ESITO) to set up a Training Agreement. These organisations will part-sponsor your course fees. You cannot study at Etco without a Training Agreement.

Confirm on your Training Agreement that you would like to study with Etco. The ITO will then inform us of your decision.

We will then send you out enrolment details with a course fee structure.
I'm thinking about studying at Etco. Can I apply for a student loan through you?
Unfortunately no.
We are not ministry-funded and therefore are not able to contact Study Link or other Student Loans companies on your behalf.
I am an International Student. Can I study with Etco?
Our minimum requirement to study with Etco is that you must have a work permit that is valid until at least the end of your course.
Alternatively, if you are a New Zealand Resident or Citizen, we would just require a photocopy of your passport.
I've just arrived into New Zealand. What do I need to do in order to start working as an electrical worker here?
Firstly you will need to contact the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). Ultimately they will be registering you and issuing you with a practising licence to work. You will have to submit to them:

Evidence of qualifications completed;
Evidence of course(s) completed;
Evidence of work experience including details of work done, hours served etc.

Only the EWRB can confirm which courses you require for registration.

Please note that you must be either a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand resident to enrol on an EWRB Registration course with Etco. A copy of your passport must be provided with your enrolment.

Contact info for the EWRB:
86 Customhouse Quay
PO Box 10-156
New Zealand
Phone no.: 0800 66 1000
I am an Electrical Engineering student with Etco and would like to view my results online. How do I do that?
At the top right-hand corner of our website is a tab called 'Login'.

Click on it to open out the different log-in options, select "Etco Portal" & click "SIGN IN"
Click on 'Assessments'
Your log-in details will have been sent to you. If you no longer have this email, please contact us on 0800 275 3826 and we can provide you with this information again.
What is included in the Registration course fees?
For our Registration and Service Technician courses, the following is inclusive:

All necessary books and papers
EWRB exam fee

You will receive your books on the first day/night of your course.
I'm a student with Etco and my books have been stolen. Can I get replacements?
Yes you can.
We will always provide replacements but there is a fee attached to getting these.
I need to update my safety training. What do I do?
As of 1st February 2012 the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) has changed the format of the Safety Refresher. Electrical workers must now complete Competency-based units so Etco is offering a new type of 'hands-on' practical course called the Master Electricians (previously ECANZ) Competency Course. Click here for more details.

Please note that this course is designed for electricians and electrical apprentices.

If you are new to the country, you may need to undertake a full-day safety course. Currently we are unable to offer these.
I have filled in my examination application form. Where do I send it to?
Once you have filled the form in and ensured that you have signed and dated it, please send it to your local training centre.

Please note that Etco has a sitting fee additional to the EWRB fee stipulated on the application form. If you are unsure of this cost, please contact us on 0800 275 3826.

Please do not send your form to the EWRB. They will not accept your application.
I would like to sit an exam ONLY with Etco. Can I do this?
No, please contact https://ewrb.aspeqexams.com/Home/Contact/ to book any exams.