ME Wiring Rules Roadshows 2018
Did you know that the Wiring Rules were changing in March?

In March 2018, there will be a long list of changes coming to the Wiring Rules, more formally known as AS/NZS 3000.

To be specific, there will be:

  • 194 explicit changes
  • 6 new appendices
  • 54 completely new clauses
  • 1 section (section 7) completely re-written

Master Electricians (Bernie McLaughlin - M.E CEO) have teamed up with wiring expert Alec Knewstubb, who is part of the panel that formulated these changes. They will be travelling across the country to speak to you about these changes. The shows will cover all changes, the reasoning behind these changes, what is expected of you (electricians) going forward and the penalties for non-compliance.

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