Barry Martin and son Joshua Martin
Etco features in Shed magazine

Etco's ongoing business relationship with Host Company and business owner Barry Martin features in the November/December issue of the Shed Magazine.



"There are just so many good things about Etco" says Barry, owner of Prolectrics. And Barry's son Joshua took the Etco Apprenticeship pathway to become a Registered Electrician.

"It's a well-paid, interesting career and the qualification gives you opportunities to travel," remarked Joshua.

The key benefits of hiring an Etco Apprentice, as opposed to taking on your own, are clear. Not only will you save potentially 20% of your annual costs, we'll cover all aspects of Health & Safety and administration for you. If you'd like to find out more about what we can offer, browse our Hosting pages or call us on 0800 438 277.

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