The Ara Etco Group
Helping South Aucklanders into long term jobs at and around Auckland Airport

The Electrical Training Company has donated a Ford Transit van to Ara - Auckland Airport Jobs and Skills Hub, an innovative scheme dedicated to helping South Aucklanders get jobs and training at or near Auckland airport.

“We had a surplus vehicle and when we heard about the Ara programme we were delighted to be able to help,” said Electrical Training Company Chief Executive Jeremy Sole.

Ara is a joint initiative between the South Auckland community, government agencies, training providers and employers. It connects South Auckland communities with businesses working at and around Auckland Airport to fill the thousands of jobs in construction, retail, logistics, hospitality.

“While there are huge opportunities in and close to Auckland airport, for many people in South Auckland transport is a real problem. Getting to and from work, which most Kiwis take for granted, can be a real challenge for some. The vehicle we donated will be used to help collect people all across South Auckland.”

Auckland Airport’s General Manager People and Safety, Anna Cassels-Brown, thanked the Electrical Training Company for their generosity, saying “This fabulous set of wheels will be well used, well cared for and well loved”.

Handing over the keys to Ara
Official hand over of keys