Powertool Drag Racing makes a comeback at Evolocity

Powertool drag racing 2010

Have you ever heard of Powertool Drag Racing?  It is a truly insane event where, as the name suggests, disc grinders and high powered drills are given wheels and raced against each other to find out who has the fastest electric tool in the country. And it will create a spectator frenzy when the racing starts at the Evolocity National Finals in Christchurch in November.

"This is heaps of fun," says local etco* Apprenticeship Coordinator Ken Hay.  “With skill sawblade wheels and a wooden track, plus the torque of a large angle grinder, these units can really move. We will be inviting all comers to build their own racer and to bring them along to see if they can beat the etco* monster. All challenges accepted. Catch me if you can."

The event is being held at the A & P Showgrounds in Christchurch on 27 November 2016. For more information please contact Ken Hay at ken@etco.co.nz