Employ your own Electrical Apprentice - or host one of ours?

When employing your own apprentices you may well have experienced the odd moment of doubt about whether an applicant really did have potential and really would be of value to your business. You may even have been caught out by unexpected administration and training costs when you thought you had all bases covered.

If you are ready Hire an etco* apprenticeto enjoy the best of both worlds then we want to talk to you about hosting an etco* apprentice and leaving all the worry relating to their employment, administration and management to us.

Since 1991, we have been producing industry tradespeople of the future through a group apprenticeship scheme and now nearly 1000 apprentices having gained their registration as electricians and entering the industry at various levels and in a variety of capacities.

We achieve our high level of success through the support of our host companies and the role they play in providing on-job training opportunities for the etco* apprentices they host. Each month we grow our apprentice pool and continually seek out industry partners, such as yourself, to work with us in training these apprentices.

Consider the etco* solution to apprentice employment. Become a host company and enjoy the benefits of a high quality apprentice without the administration worries.

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