Apprenticeship Secondment Terms and Conditions

etco* and the apprentice have entered into an Employment Agreement (including a Skills registered Training Agreement) for the full term of the apprenticeship. Therefore the apprentice is available by secondment only. etco* policy does not permit the transfer of employment.

etco* apprentices shall not be sub seconded by the Host Company to another company without the prior approval of the etco* apprenticeship co-ordinator. In granting this approval the Apprenticeship Co-ordinator shall consider:

  • Type of work and experience to be gained by the apprentice
  • Suitability of the proposed company, including apprentice supervision requirements
  • Expected duration of sub secondment

During any approved sub secondment the terms and conditions of this Secondment Agreement shall continue to apply to the original Host Company. 


etco* undertakes to provide the Host Company with high calibre apprentices, capable of completing the required practical and theoretical training, with good practical aptitude and a desire to succeed.

Before placement with the Host Company, the apprentice has undergone safety instruction in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 26 of the Electricity Regulations 1997. It may be necessary for the apprentice to be released from time to time to undergo refresher training also as required by Regulation 26. The Apprentice has also received instruction under the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

etco*  will arrange the apprentice’s Off Job training and will notify the Host Company of evening class and block course requirements.

etco*  will administer the apprentice from selection until completion, including all record keeping, leave entitlements, wages etc. On and Off Job training progress will be monitored by etco*. The monitoring process shall include:

  • Performance Appraisal

At intervals of 3 months during the apprentice's employment the Apprenticeship Co-ordinator will meet with the apprentice to appraise overall performance. This appraisal will be based on a report completed by the Host Company

  • Workplace Assessment

The apprentice will complete a daily record of work carried out as supporting evidence. The Apprenticeship Co-ordinator will collate, assess and record evidence of the apprentice's competency in On Job Unit Standards. The assessment process will include direct observation of the apprentice at work or of the apprentice's completed work. Where this is not practicable, evidence and final assessment of competency will need to be confirmed by the Host Company.

All liaison with and reporting to the Skills Organisation and NZQA will be the responsibility of etco*.

The Host Company undertakes to provide the required training as agreed with etco*  whilst the apprentice is in their care. On the first day of secondment the Host Company will provide the apprentice with safety instructions covering topics such as emergency evacuation procedures, safety equipment requirements, health issues etc. This instruction must occur prior to the apprentice starting work.


Apprentices on secondment to the Host Company shall be at all times under the direction and supervision of its management and/or other employees for day to day work, instruction and training. This supervision shall be provided by a suitably qualified person.

Supervision shall be provided in accordance with EWRB Supervision Procedures for Trainee Electricians.

Invoicing and Payment

The Host Company will be invoiced weekly for hours worked as per the apprentices timesheet, at the relevant hourly rate.

Payment of wages

Apprentice wages will be paid by etco*. The previous week's web-based timesheet MUST be sent by the Host Company to etco* on Tuesday of the following week.


Apprentices have their overtime limited only by their study requirements. Apprentices who fall behind their study requirements will cease to be available for overtime.

Shift work

No apprentice is permitted to work shift work.


Where the apprentice works in conditions where the tradesperson he/she is working with receives a conditions allowance, it is expected that the apprentice will receive the same allowance.

Annual Leave

All leave records are maintained by etco*. Annual leave MUST be approved by the Host Company’s supervisor and authorised by etco* to ensure eligibility. Apprentices shall give at least one week's notice of annual leave. Exemptions to the notice period may be made in unusual circumstances after agreement of all parties.

Sick Leave

The apprentice will ensure that notification of sickness is given to the Host Company PRIOR to the normal starting time of work on the first and any subsequent days absence, giving reason for and expected duration of absence. The apprentice must then immediately notify etco* otherwise sick pay entitlement may not be received.


As the apprentice's employer, etco* is required by law to record and investigate all accidents suffered by the apprentice.

 It is imperative that the Host Company notifies the Apprenticeship Co-ordinator of any accident immediately.

This information is also required to ensure swift interaction with ACC.


The apprentice will have a kit of basic hand tools. It is the apprentice's responsibility to maintain these tools. The Host Company is required to provide safe storage for tools outside working hours.

Safety Equipment

On commencing employment with etco*, the Apprentice will be issued with two pairs of overalls, one pair of safety boots, earmuffs and safety glasses. Other general safety equipment will be issued by etco* when necessary.

Instruction in the correct use of this general equipment will be provided by etco*, prior to placement with the Host Company.

Specialist safety equipment peculiar to the Host Company must be provided by that Host Company.

Instruction in the use of this specialist safety equipment is the responsibility of the Host Company and must be provided.

No Apprentice will be expected to work in conditions requiring safety gear without the provision of the necessary gear.


Minor cases of misconduct may be resolved by the Host Company’s supervisor. Serious misconduct shall be documented by the Host Company and dealt with by etco*.