Apprentice Placement

Apprentice placements are designed to be a win-win situation for the apprentice and their host company. For the apprentice the objective is to gain the necessary on-job experiences to fulfil the task competency requirements of their apprenticeship. For the host company the primary objective is to minimise risk and add value to the business.

Apprentice Placement

Companies host etco* apprentices for many reasons:

• You can host apprentices during busy periods yet not be bound to retain them during quiet times.

• You can host apprentices for the duration of an installation or project.

• No employment-related or training issues, as etco* manages these directly with the apprentice.

• Competitive apprentice rates.

Apprentice placement is primarily determined by:

• The range of experience required and the type of work available

• The projected workload of the host company

• The range of on-job skill competencies that you can provide to the apprentice and the time required for the apprentice to attain the required level of competency.

The preferred minimum placement period is three months and all placements exceeding three months are reviewed six monthly. Where an apprentice hosting plan is in place, etco* and the host company will review the plan quarterly.

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